Curious Birds in the Trappings of Trade

Curious Birds at Osterley Park, as part of Trappings of Trade exhibition.

Curious Birds info sign from Trappings of Trade exhibition at Osterley Park in 2013 (image: Laura Brooks)

If you missed last year’s Trappings of Trade exhibition at Osterley, then never fear.  We have been blogging about the exhibition, so you have a chance to get some of the highlights.  Previously, we posted on Paktong and Lacquer (another post on this to come).  The theme of today’s post is ‘Curious Birds.’ Continue reading


‘The Trappings of Trade’ and lacquer – part one

Welcome to our first post of 2014, where continuing on from our post on Paktong, as part of last year’s ‘The Trappings of Trade’ exhibition, we now turn our attention to lacquer and the items at Osterley that fall into this category, starting with the lacquer secrétaire that normally resides in the Etruscan Room.

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Paktong at Osterley

Earlier in the year, Osterley held an exhibition called ‘The Trappings of Trade’, which was curated in partnership with UCL’s ‘East India Company At Home’ project.  The exhibition told the story of the East India Company at Osterley and highlighted some of the related items in Osterley’s collection, as well as including an oral history element associated with the local community around the estate.

In this post, we will focus on one of the items highlighted in the exhibition. Continue reading