Gloved hand opening the drawer of the black lacquered secretaire at Osterley Park, Middlesex
Welcome one and all. We are the Osterley House team and we invite you on an adventure around and within the walls (if only walls could talk!) of Osterley. Come with us to discover the secrets to presenting an immaculate property to the public, learn about conservation, ponder preservation and ignite your ideas about interpretation. Our reasons for starting a blog is to allow you to have an insight into the life of National Trust staff members and volunteers. From our daily routines to what goes on behind the scenes before the house opens; what happens during the winter clean to who does what, when and why, hopefully answering all your questions along the way. Within Osterley’s walls lie centuries of history. No horror I’m afraid but instead stories and secrets, people and parties. In our list of people there’s a skilled team, who, through conservation, preservation and perseverance, keep the spirit of Osterley alive (drum roll!). It’s my pleasure to introduce: Claire Reed (Collection and Premises manager), Judith Evans (House Steward), Laura Hussey and Lizzie Fuller (Assistant house Stewards), Kate McCormack and Hajira Mahomed (Conservation assistants). It is a privilege to be a part of the Osterley story, sharing the same passion, getting up close and personal with objects, being part of a team who care about presentation and spirit of place, integration and community involvement, volunteering and visitor engagement … we are the Osterley team and we welcome you!