A Christmas round-up

Hajira dusting the Library ceiling at Osterley Park (image: Laura Brooks)

Hajira dusting the Library ceiling from the scaffold at Osterley Park (image: Laura Brooks)

December has arrived and it’s not long ’til Christmas.  The preparations outside have begun with the lights up in the trees near the stables and inside, the decorations for our Georgian Christmas have been going up.  Amidst all of this, the house team have continued the Winter Clean.  Below is a round-up of what has been achieved already. Continue reading

Ssshh! No talking in the library!

Library in midst of winter clean.

Library at Osterley Park, during the winter clean (image: Laura Brooks)

Osterley is a house full of things to intrigue and excite, and I don’t just mean the collection.  One room that sometimes proves interesting to visitors is the Library.  There are a couple of reasons for this, one of which we’ll blog about at a later date, but the other is its colour, or rather, lack of, as some would say.  For a house that combines pink with green in one room, contains a rather beautiful shade of blue in another (if we do say so ourselves), whilst yet another is a riot of colour (and largely unfaded after more than two hundred years), you could be forgiven for thinking that every single room was just as colourful, other than the servants’ rooms, of course.  This is not the case. Continue reading