It’s not all glitz and glamour …

Oh, the glamour of the winter clean!  Despite it being practically Christmas, the house team was still hard at it last week, cleaning antique dressers, drawers, moving chairs and even removing algae from the portico steps!  It’s all part of the continuous effort to conserve Osterley and its collection as well as to prevent damage occurring in the future.

Dresser drawer mid-clean in Entrance Hall, while South Lobby is also cleaned.

Clean of South Lobby taking place, with dresser drawer in Entrance Hall (image: Laura Brooks).

Volunteer dusting the inside of a drawer from the South Lobby, in the Entrance Hall.

Volunteer dusting inside of a drawer in the Entrance Hall.

Judith and brush, cleaning portico steps.

Judith cleaning algae off portico steps (image: Laura Brooks).

This is why Judith was furiously scrubbing away the algae from the portico steps, with her trusty bucket of water and brush on Thursday.  Algae could be damaging to the steps because of the potential for erosion, not to mention a possible health and safety issue, so just like everything else, they needed a good clean too!

It really does make a difference!

Bucket of water on soapy portico steps.

Bucket and the portico steps (image: Laura Brooks).

This will be it now for the blog until the New Year, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!